COVID-19 Screening Tool

Improve organizational efficiency by recording, storing and reporting on all visitor information at any given time

Along with all other institutions, workplaces, schools and residential places are looking to create a safe environment for staff and on-site visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic. One important step towards achieving this could be taking a second look at their screening technologies.

Spreading Germs Through Shared Items
Paper is of great concern when it comes to the spread of the virus because multiple staff members, students and visitors typically touch paper-based questionnaires several times as they check in and out, increasing the risk of contact with germs. One person who does not sanitise or wash their hands regularly can spread germs not only to colleagues but to visiting clients as well.

Findings from a study by the Journal of Hospital Infection reveal that Covid-19 stays on paper between three hours and five days.

Another study conducted by Lancet Global Health shows that “no infectious virus could be recovered from printing and tissue papers” in room temperature at 22 degrees Celsius and a 65 percent relative humidity after three hours.

Increased and Unnecessary Workloads
Companies that use paper-based contact tracing tend to channel relatively more resources towards the gathering of information from everyone entering or leaving their premises.

One or more staff members is typically appointed to ensure employees or visitors fill out their questionnaires.

This process is repetitive and cumbersome and can result in employee frustration.

Contactless Visitor Management Through A Cloud- Based Solution
To avoid risky and counterproductive scenarios like the ones outlined above, organisations can use safer and simpler contact tracing solutions like Bellhop.

Bellhop, a cloud-based paperless screening questionnaire platform, helps companies create a process that records everyone who goes in and out without increasing chances of cross infection.

Bellhop allows visitors to check-in and out on their mobile devices, while providing cloud-based storage of entry records, which eliminates the need for paper filing.

The system can also improve organizational efficiency by recording, storing and reporting on all visitor information at any given time.

Best of all, Bellhop instantly notifies relevant parties of any possible entry threat.

Ensuring Stakeholder Safety
By getting rid of paper-based contact tracing and replacing it with cloud-based paperless solutions, organisations can play a key role in reducing the spread of Covid-19 in their premises.

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