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Maintaining proper hygiene is essential for the reputation of an organisation and the safety of its employees and visitors.

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential for the reputation of an organisation and the safety of its employees and visitors. Dirty restrooms, cubicles and cluttered desks are just some of the common issues contributing towards unhygienic workspaces.

It has been discovered that a clean workplace not only promotes a healthy working environment but also improves the motivation and professionalism of employees.

The following benefits will explain why cleanliness is important in the workplace:

1. Keeps Employees Happy

An employee’s work environment contributes immensely to their on the job happiness. Happy and comfortable employees are likely to be more innovative and inspired to do their jobs. No employee would want to work in a firm with leftover food and waste-paper everywhere.

Some simple tasks to ensure everyone is comfortable in the workplace include:
Regularly cleaning windows let the natural light in
Emptying trash cans regularly
Keeping the restroom clean
Using air freshener in rooms at regular intervals

2. Reduces The Risk of Accidents

Poorly maintained floors increase the chances of accidents like trips and slips happening. To help prevent injuries, make sure all your office floors are kept clean and that proper mats are placed in areas where slips, trips, and falls are most likely to happen.

Be sure to also:
Use wet-area mats to prevent incidents of slipping.
Provide Anti-fatigue mats for your standing employees, they will be less fatigued and less likely to trip and fall.
Put dust control mats at every entrance area to reduce the amount of dust, dirt and germs brought in from the outside. A good mat also helps by not allowing dust and dirt to turn the entrance into a slippery area.

3. Creates a Positive Brand Perception

In every business, first impressions do count and presenting your visitors with a professional environment can go a long way.

Exposing your stakeholders to a dirty environment puts you at risk of losing their business. Word of mouth travels fast in industry and even if your product or service is perfect, one poor experience can put a dent to your reputation.

4. Saves You Money

Because of wear and tear, all workspaces will eventually require refurbishment, an exercise that not only comes at a high expense but can also be time consuming and disruptive to employees. Regular cleaning and maintenance of flooring, soft furniture and windows can prolong the need for refurbishment, thereby saving your organisation a lot of money.

5. Improves Employee Well-being

A clean work environment helps in keeping your employees healthy. Ensuring that litter and waste are disposed of correctly and that the furniture is kept dirt-free will result in a healthy workforce. Healthy workers take fewer days of sick leave, are much happier, and more productive.

6. Prevents The Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Unhygienic working environments create perfect conditions for the breeding of bacteria and the spread of viruses. As an organisation, you will need to avoid this at all costs. Provide hand sanitizing systems so that employees can wash their hands when they need to.


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